The National Pest Control Association – Tons of useful information about pests and pest control.

Center for Urban & Structural Entomology – A great website with tons of current information on Texas pests.

Texas Imported Fire Ant Research and Managment Project – Any question that you ever had about fireants will be answered here.  From any biology to control methods, you can learn it all.

Texas Pest Control Association – Current up to date information about the Texas area pest control providers and pest control news.

Texas A&M University Department of Entomology – If you have a question about an insect, then you should be able to find the answer here.  Helps with insect identification, frequently asked questions, insect biology and how to determine insect damage.

AgriLife: Insects in the City – If you live in the City and you have a question about the bug you are looking at, this website deals with just that.

PestWorld for Kids – A great site for kids.  Opportunities to learn more about the insects that they are involved with every day.

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