Pest Proof House

The best way to prevent insects from invading your house is to call Stroope Pest Control. We can provide a protective barrier for your house that will make it very difficult for any insect to enter. However there are many ways that you can prevent insects from getting in. Below are a few of the most effective ways to pest proof your house.

  • Keeping your house clean. This will reduce the areas that an insect may find inviting to live as well as get rid of the areas that an insect will come to looking for food.
  • Screen all of your windows and doors. The insects in your house most likely come right through the front door or through the windows. If you enjoy having the doors and windows open on a nice day then this would be a great idea.
  • Make sure to have a tight fitting door and good weather stripping. An insect does not need very much space to become an uninvited guest. A tight fitting door and proper weather stripping will reduce any easy access there may be
  • Screen any openings around the house. For instance, under the eaves, sophets, chimney areas and dryer vents. These are great spots for rodents to enter and make your attic their home
  • Screen all weepholes around the house. The best method is to use a copper mesh. This allows the house to breathe and release moisture while not allowing the pest to enter.
  • Keep all bushes, trees, and any other garden plants away from the house. When there is a bush leaning against the house it provides a highway for insects directly to your house
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